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LarryWalker 12.06.2018 15:38

Strange problems with Decklink Studio

I've a decklink Studio 2 with the drivers 9.7.3 for Windows 7 64Bits.
I'm facing some strange problems.With Media Express, the audio/video is out of synch when I try to capture videos from my DVW-A500P deck (Video : SDI - Audio : Analog XLR). The video is not out of synch on the preview window. I don't have this problem if I capture videos from my U-Matic Deck (Video : composite - Audio : Analog Cinch).If I use Adobe Premiere CS6 or CS5.5 in order to capture the videos with my DVW-A500P, there is no out of sync problem.With Adobe Premiere CS6 (I've version 6.04), I can not export to tape. The export to tape Windows is not displayed and Premiere return an error telling that there is an error on generating the window. I'm obliged to export, using Premiere CS5.5With After Effects CS5.5 and CS6, I can not render the videos in AVI YUV 10Bits Uncompressed. The 10 bits mode available is YUV 10Bits 4:4:4 Uncompressed. For YUV 10 Bits 4:2:2 Uncompressed, I need to choose QuickTime. So, I would like to know if these problems were solved in some recent drivers ? I'm a bit upset for changing my way of working because some drivers are buggy.Is someone using Adobe Premiere CC or After Effects CC ? Are there the same problems ?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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