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Standard Old Sony Video 8 Handycam Problem


I are trying to convert her old 8mm cassette home videos to digital but we can't seem to playback her tapes in the first place. Our plan was to 1. play them on the TV to see if they work 2. find some way to convert that (either by purchasing some kind of converter or recording through vhs/dvd, etc.), but we haven't even gotten past step 1. We managed to turn the old cam on and put the tape in, but when we playback all we see through the viewfinder is a white screen and a time stamp that starts normally. No matter how much we fast forward, there's no picture. The tape itself seems to be working fine in a functional way (by which I mean the tape physically moves as can be seen through the cassette window). At this point we can't even connect it to a tv or monitor.

Please help.

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